Making St Barths Airport Green Again: Our Tree Replanting Project Approved!

st barths airport 2018 trees

Your GreenStBarths association is very happy to announce that our greening project for St Barths airport has just been approved by the local authorities.

GreenStBarths has presented to elected members of the Collectivité its plans for the airport: Trees and bushes that will give a very nice first impression to visitors and that will also please locals who drive past the airport at least once a day on their way between St Jean and Gustavia.

GreenStBarths working with St Barths locals to green up SBH airport

The project is entirely financed by you, dear GreenStBarths donators, for a total cost of about €50,000. We are of course using trees and plants endemic to our islands. Our president, Bruno de Courrèges, has worked with the local environment agency (Agence Territoriale de l’Environnement) and with local environment experts,gardeners and garden centers (Kevin Ouvré, Lisette Gréaux, Gairy Brin, Didier Laplace, Nicolas Lédée) to create a workable plan.

Plantation will start in the coming week. If you want to more about this project, please download here the PDF file of the presentation made to the Collectivité in April 2018.

st barths airport 2018 trees

Road in front of the St Barths airport – How it would look like with the new trees

greenstbarths st barth aeroport 2018

First impression in St Barths: More trees, fewer cars.

thibault masson st barth greenstbarths

How GreenStBarths is making the airport (and its car park) green again

st barths airport greenstbarths

Cover of the presentation to the Collectivité de Saint Barthélemy


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  1. I am very happy to have seen this project. Though not living on the island anymore I certainly am visiting and glad you’re giving this jewel some beauty back!

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