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A St Barths organization registered under lawNon-Profit Statuses

  • Non-Profit

    We are a non-profit organization under French law (“association à but non lucratif”). Our official legal name is “Green St Barths” and our members call us “Making St Barths Green Again” in English and “Reverdir St Barth” in French.

  • Located in St Barths

    Our official address is Maison Domingue, Pointe Milou 45, 97133 St Barthélémy.

  • Acting Administrators

    Our legal founding members are Bruno de Courrèges and Thibault Masson.

Part of Saint Barth FondationEndorsed by the local St Barths authorities

  • Selected by the local government

    The local authorities (“Collectivité de Saint Barthélemy”) have endorsed us as one of the local organizations part of the Saint Barth Fondation. The latter has been created to label non-profit efforts aimed at helping the island of Saint Barthélemy and its inhabitants in the aftermath of hurricane Irma.

  • Proof of endorsement

    You will find below a copy of the letter of endorsement. We are proud to be able to display the official seal, featuring the shape of our island, that shows this official approval.

Official letter from the local government endorsing “Making St Barths Green Again” and making part of the Saint Barth Fondation collective.

Saint Barth Fondation endorsement of our non profitSaint Barth Fondation endorsement of our non profit

Relying on local expertiseWorking with the St Barths environmental agency

  • Environmental agency

    To make sure that our efforts are a true long term investment, we are working with the local environmental agency, called Agence Territoriale de l’Environnement de Saint Barthélemy.

  • Local species only

    Armed with a list of approved local tree and plant species given by this local agency, we are selecting trees that are endemic to our island and that will recreate landscapes as close as possible to natural.

Saint Barth Fondation endorsement of our non profit

Proven record of executing environnemental projectsWorking with local actors like Coral Restoration St Barth

  • Streamlined organization

    Our main goal is to coordinate local efforts and global help from St Barths lovers. Our focus is on project management, with clear ownership and accountability.

  • Locals have already delivered ion environmental projects

    Not only do we focus on getting local companies (gardeners, landscapers and architects) to implement our action plan, but also we make sure to rely on people who have successfully executed similar long-term projects. For instance, Didier Laplace of Coral Restoration St Barth, the very respected local who has for years lead the restoration of coral reefs around the island, is an active member of the association.

Saint Barth Fondation endorsement of our non profit

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