Your Help is NeededYou can act now to help plant trees that stabilize sand dunes on St Barths beaches and hedges that restore the charm of St Barths pathways.

We are taking donations through LEETCHI, the #1 donation platform in France. Payments are secure for our donators and we can track each donation easily on our side.

  • Action 1

    You can make a donation now by going our dedicated page on It is the #1 donation platform in France, where Green StBarths is legally registered.

  • Action 2

    Donate as much as you want. Online payments, by Visa or Mastercard, are secure. You can choose to just give anonymously or to have your name mentioned on the donation page. Your privacy is safe.

  • Action 3

    Our team will send you a thank you note and let you how your money is being by updating this website and the Leetchi donation page. If you are giving money on behalf of a company and need a receipt / invoice, contact us and we will send it to you.


Help replant trees, stabilize sand dunes and restore landscapes.

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