St Barths hurricane recovery photos

st barths hurricane recovery gouverneur

Dear Friends,

Please find here an update, first about the donations and the Make St Barths Green Again project, and then about the current state of nature on this island.


You have been so many to answer our call for help. Allow me to offer you my deep gratitude.

As of November 15, we had 45 donators, all individuals, whose contribution averages $200. Total donations amount to €8,700.

We have received promises of support from two major companies; that could add €20,000. We’ve also received marks of interest from a major German foundation. We are following up

Some of you haven’t been able to use our French-based donation site (Leetchi); We have thus opened a second one, more “American credit cards”-friendly which you may want to try:

The Island

Two months after post-Irma’s first days, St Barths is unrecognizable. Four weeks ago, I took number of pictures that seemed encouraging: first shoots on trees, reviving bushes and lawns, clean roads, etc.

Today (November 12), the island is completely green again. Superficially green for sure, but it takes a second look to understand it. At first glimpse, paradise is back. Nearly all beaches look beautiful. (Have a look at some pictures I took yesterday and the day before.)

st barths hurricane recovery

Early morning light on villa BelAmour wild grasses (Pointe Milou)

st barths hurricane recovery pointe milou

Pointe Milou’s main road looks normal, minus a few fences


st barths hurricane recovery gouverneur

Road to Gouverneur is extremely welcoming


st barths saline beach after hurricane irma

Gouverneur beach is almost back to normal


st barths hurricane damage cul de sac

The salted pond in Saline, clear and neat


St barths saline beach after hurricane

The path to Saline beach is way greener that 1 month ago

St barths saline beach after hurricane

Arriving to Saline is still magic, but the final step a bit steeper

St barths saline beach after hurricane

Sunset at Saline, cleaned up and restored by the local authorities

st barths hurricane damage grand fonds

st barths grand fonds 2018

st barths hurricane damage grand fond

Grand Fond is open, but without its stone walls

st barths 2018 photos

Petit Cul de Sac has started camouflaging its wounds

st barths hurricane recovery lagoon

Grand Cul de Sac lagoon has found its colors back, even if buildings by the beach have all been damaged

st barths colombier 2018

Colombier’s beauty seems eternal


Make St Barths Green Again – Why

What’s the need for our action if the island already looks so green?

The answer, I’ve discovered it these last four weeks, is desperately simple. It’s about StBarths’ survival. Please have a look at a short text I wrote for exposing our philosophy and goals to some major potential donors who asked me the question: How preserving St Barths’ biodiversity can help locals relaunch the island’s economy.

What we are doing and planning

We see four possible ways of being useful.

  • a. Launched and In progress: Obtain from the wholesalers that they order small native trees for us. Then, upon reception, advertise among the local population the possibility of having a professional gardener come and plant one of them on their private premises. Make sure they commit to watering it. (Official launch planned for November 25, with the local press ready to relay the information)
  • b. Mid-term: Help Didier Laplace, a local specialist of dune restoration, amplify his actions focused on Grand Fond coast and Colombier beach.
  • c. Mid-term: Obtain from the Collectivité that they let us restore one of the public spaces under their responsibility (Discussion already started)
  • d. Long-term: Support a project of nursery devoted to grow native plants and trees.(Olivier Raynaud, manager of the Territorial Environment Agency has exposed this project during one of our meetings).


Please feel free to comment, ask any question or present any suggestion.
We will give you further news as soon as we reach a new step.
Once again, thank you for your support.
Warm regards
Bruno de Courrèges

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